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      No! said Esmeralda. There was a dash of color in her cheek, and her glorious eyes flashed under their lashes. Yes, they are talking about me. It is not very kind, is it? I cant help being born in Australia; andwith a sudden thrill in her voiceI wouldnt if I could! And I cant help having all this money! Oh, I hate England, andand all the English people!

      "Poor soul!" murmured the priest, pitying that debt of self-abasement which he understood so well, under whatsoever guise she might hide her contrition. "Poor soul, you talk too lightly of that great mystery which we should all face in a spirit of deep humility. Do you feel that you can contemplate that passage through death to a new life without fear of the issue? Have you no reckoning to make with the God who pardons repentant sinners? Do you stand before Him with a clear consciencehaving kept nothing backcherished no hidden sin?"

      "I hardly know her well enough to like or dislike her. She is very handsome."

      "He wants you to meet Captain Hulbert. Perhaps you know him already?"

      Unpack them at once, Barker! she said. Come upstairs, Esmeralda; come this moment.

      As Esmeralda, the girl from the wilds, she had made a sensation; as Miss Chetwynde, the fiance of the Marquis of Trafford, and future Duchess of Belfayre, she was at once raised to a position of vast importance. She was sought after, and courted, and flattered to an extent that would have turned most girls heads. But Esmeralda managed to retain her simplicity and modesty through it all.Why did she not leave himrun away? she said, almost to herself.


      "Yes. She lives at No. 5, Crown Terrace, overlooking the harbour."


      Giving Dick a final choke, to render him incapable of immediate action, he flung him on the ground, and fled towards the nearest bank. Once across the excavation, there was a thick wood beyond, in which he would quickly be lost to sight; and the present was all he had time to think of; the future must care for itself. One moment his tall form was seen, by the approaching party, on the edge of the bank, clearly defined against the twilight sky; the next, it sank suddenly from view, both hands raised, apparently in a mocking gesture of farewell, or it might be, of defiance.


      They had talked of Victor Hugo's romantic storythat romance which the great man so despised in after years that he was almost offended if any one presumed to praise it in his hearing, although in the half-century that has gone since Victor Hugo was a young man this story of Notre Dame has been unsurpassed as an example of the romantic novel. Lostwithiel had praised the book, and had talked of the monk Frollo, and his fatal loveand that word Fatality, graven upon the wall of his cell, and burnt into his soul.Lord Norman sung them a roystering sea song with a spirited chorus, which the men caught up, and shouted with keen enjoyment. He was kept at the piano singing and playing until he was nearly hoarse; and when he gave in, Taffy seized him and perched him upon the top of the instrument, and called for three cheers, which were given with such heartiness that Dan MacGrath glanced at the tin roof apprehensively.